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All pieces in this collection are designed by the talented Loteng Art. Each piece is custom made and inspired by different cryptocurrency. The majority of profits from sales in this collection go directly to the artist. Show your support for crypto and freelance artists in style with this unique merch!

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  • Security

    Hardware wallets are typically built with encryption software that prevent unwanted hacking and manipulation. Such security features include kill switches, air gapped devices, physical authentication, and more. The world of crypto is riddled with scammers and thieves. Cold storage wallets attempt to eliminate these threats by removing the back door to your stored assets.

  • Tangibility

    Cloud based cryptocurrency wallets, known as hot wallets, exist online in a browser extension, on an app in a phone, or in a crypto exchange. The drawback of hot wallets is that you run the risk of losing your crypto if a cloud based failure occurs such as bankruptcy. Hardware wallets, known as cold wallets, are a physical means of storing crypto. These tangible wallets are not as susceptible to network failures.

  • Durability

    Physical wallets are built to stand the test of time. Many are built from durable materials and tend to be temperature resistant. Air gapped hardware wallets are designed to work independent of the creator company allowing for the wallet to continue operating in the event of company collapse. Cryptocurrency investments can take many years to mature and therefore a hardware wallet is necessary for long-term storage.

Crypto Hoodies

Make sure to sport one of our sweet crypto hoodies this winter when you're out playing in the snow! Our hoodies are made with the warmest of fabrics to ensure you stay warm while you show your support for your crypto. Hurry and buy now while supplies last!

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Starting at $32.45

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Crypto Sweatshirts

Select from a wide range of comfortable crypto sweatshirts. These cryptocurrency sweatshirts are each designed with a unique pattern and they are crafted of premium high quality materials. Stay warm and sophisticated with one of our crypto sweatshirts.

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Starting at $25.95

  • Royalties

    As a designer for Crypto Clothing Factory you will earn a large percentage of the sales profits. Each of your designs will be published to our site on different merchandise. We will then promote this merchandise to capture sales. On each sale you will receive a majority percentage of the net profits. We handle the logistics including shipping, inventory, customer service and you do the one thing you love to do, design!

  • Freedom

    Set your own schedule, work at your own pace, draw what you want. We enforce no deadlines or any quotas. Submit as many designs as you want. We accept and want all different design styles. Let your creativity fly. As long as the design is related to cryptocurrency and follows our guidelines we will publish on our site. The more designs you submit the better chance of getting sales and stacking royalties.

  • Transparency

    To ensure transparency and honesty we offer our freelance designers access to view merch sales in real time. You will be able to easily create a collaborator account, allowing you to log in to our dashboard and see exactly if and when a sale occurs. This ensures we remain honest, accurate, and accountable to you . We do this because we consider you a partner and want you to trust us.

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