What is a Collaborator?

Collaborators work with a company to accomplish a goal that is mutually beneficial to both parties. The collaborator is not an employee of the company but a freelancer that offers their services over a long period of time. Compensation for collaborators tends to be in the form of royalties or flat fee payments for work. Being a collaborator allows you to set your own schedule and work at your own pace. Collaborators are the lifeblood of some companies and provide the necessary products for a company to function. Therefore the inherent value of a collaborator is priceless. At Crypto Clothing Factory we understand this and provide significant compensation to our collaborators through royalties.

What are we looking for?

The bottom line? We need fresh eye-catching designs to build out our product lines and catch customers' attention. We are looking for graphic designers who are interested in cryptocurrency and wish to try their hand at making crypto designs. All designs must be based on cryptocurrency in some way. There are very few restrictions on what designs are allowed. We want our artists to express themselves freely because who are we to say what people will like? Truly, we are looking for partners who wish to grow with us as a company. Graphic designers and artists of all experience levels are welcome to apply!

Did someone say royalties?

Thats right! Being a collaborator means collecting royalties on every product sale that utilizes your designs. We truly do believe that graphic designers are the backbone of the business and that is why we offer you the majority of the profits. You are free to submit as many designs as you can put out and as long the designs fall within our guidelines we will publish them! We will do everything in our power to get you maximum returns by putting your products upfront. If we partner with enough professional artists we believe that we can grow exponentially through organic avenues including SEO and social media. This allows us to maximize returns for all our collaborators by reducing ad spending.

What assurances are there?

When your application has been approved you will be given access to our sales data in real time through a collaborator account. You will be able to see exactly if and when a sale occurs on your products. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that your products will sell. However, we will do everything within our power to get your products out in front of the consumer. Royalties will be distributed directly to you every month along with the sales data to ensure accuracy on our part. We want to earn your trust because without you, we are nothing, which is why we offer full transparency. To us you are not just a freelancer performing a job; you are a partner and we want you to feel valued. Our goal is to be the #1 crypto merchandise retailer in the world. Until that happens we are not going anywhere. So join us as we make our way to the top!

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